Why are alcohol tests needed?

We have wanted to create an easy, reliable and affordable method for responsible consumers to test their blood alcohol content. Self-diagnostics is a globally increasing trend. As our company name - Goodwiller – indicates, our mission is to share goodwill and help people make solutions and decisions that are beneficial to themselves and their close ones.

Where are the products manufactured?

The products have been developed in Finland and they are manufactured in Oulu, Finland.

What is printed intelligence? The technology behind the product?

Printed intelligence can be used to produce smart paper, which has biological sensors, electrical sensors, other electric components or even entire electronic devices. Smart paper allows entirely new products and services to be developed. Diagnostics products are just one practical application for these technologies. The technology which was developed in cooperation with VTT has undergone a long and demanding research process.

How is biochemistry associated with the products?

Identifying alcohol in saliva and other analytical samples is based on widely known and utilised biochemical reactions. The developed biochemical inks are printed and administered on the base, where they react with saliva and cause a colour reaction. On this basis, the user is provided clear and simple information about the test result.

But aren’t there other saliva tests on the market, which measure BAC (per mille), e.g. in USA?

There are other test strips that are based on saliva analysis, but the Promilless test is the first one to have been exclusively designed for consumer use from the very beginning. In addition, our product has a unique self-testing feature, which ensures the functionality and reliability of the test.

Do the products have a Best Before date?

A best-before-date is printed on the product packaging, which depends on the test’s production batch. Promilless has a guaranteed a shelf life of at least 15 months.

How quickly is the result provided on the strip?

The test has two stages: After two minutes, the first indicator visible on the strip verifies that the test strip is functioning properly, and the second indicator indicates whether the blood alcohol content is above or below 0.02% (per mille).

Can alcohol still be absorbed into the blood, if the result indicates that the “drink-drive limit” has not been exceeded?

Yes, the test indicates the blood alcohol content at the given measurement moment. The test does not indicate whether the blood alcohol content is increasing or decreasing. According to studies, consumed alcohol is absorbed into the blood in stages, in such a way that all alcohol is absorbed within an hour.

Can other substances or intoxicants interfere with the test result?

Certain food additives and certain substances in medicinal products can affect the sensitivity of the test when consumed in significant amounts. For this reason, the user instructions emphasise that no food or drinks should be consumed for at least 15 minutes before completing the test.

How reliable are the products? Are they one-hundred-percent reliable (if used correctly)?

If used correctly, the test is extremely reliable. The product has a “self-testing” feature that has been developed and patented by the company, which increases reliability. In connection with each test event, this feature ensures that the test strip is functioning correctly and thus, the result provided by the test is reliable. This ensures that any incorrect results, caused by the use of e.g. an incorrectly stored or expired test, are prevented.

How has the operational reliability of the products been tested and by whom?

Clinical reference tests, which have been designed in cooperation with the Finnish research company Medfiles Oy, have been carried out on the functionality of the test. In this test programme, genuine people were tested at an independent third-party laboratory and their blood alcohol content was measured. The results provided by the test were compared to both blood tests and the results provided by alcohol meters used by authorities.

In which situations or in what kind of use is the product/result not reliable?

If the product is used contrary to the instructions, for example, if alcohol is consumed less than 15 minutes before taking the test. The product has expired, or it has been stored incorrectly; this can cause the activity of the biochemical ingredients to cease. Even in these cases, the products self-testing feature will indicate that the product is not functioning properly. The user can repeat the test with a new test strip.

How can the user ensure that the product is functioning properly and that the result is definitely reliable?

The test has a separate indicator, which verifies the functioning of an individual test strip.

If, regardless, the user is provided an incorrect measurement result and acts on this basis, who is responsible for consequences?

In the end, the user is personally responsible for interpreting the test result and for any consequences caused by decisions made on the basis of such results. Goodwiller encourages users to avoid driving cars, other vehicles or work machines, if they are feeling even slightly abnormal.

Why has the display limit of the measurement been set at 0.02% (per mille)?

We have researched the wishes of consumers concerning the display limit of the test, and 0.02% (per mille) has proven to be the most useful measurement limit. It helps responsible consumers make relevant choices.

Does this encourage optimising the consumption of alcohol in connection with driving?

Our products have been developed for responsible people, who wish to monitor and measure their blood alcohol content. In particular, the indication limits of our products (0.02% and 0.00% (per mille)) that are clearly below the legislative limit (0.05% (per mille)) also indicate that we wish to encourage responsible behaviour.

Who is responsible, if you are caught drink-driving, although the Promilless test result indicated that you were below the “drink-drive limit”?

The user is always responsible for their own behaviour. We encourage users to avoid driving or using work machines, if they are feeling abnormal regardless of the result provided by the alcohol test.

Do the products encourage driving under the influence of alcohol?

Quite the opposite, we encourage people to confirm their own driving capacity before sitting behind the steering wheel.

Wouldn’t it be clearer to not drink at all, if you are driving?

According to the values and mission of our company, we encourage overall responsible alcohol consumption. With our products, users can confirm that their blood alcohol content does not exceed 0.02% (per mille).